Special order items...

Grit Getter

The convenient way to remove debris from your spa.  Simply squeeze and move over the grit and it's gone.


Hand Skimmer

Easily retrieve leaves and other debris from the spa water.

TruTest Digital Test Strip Reader
Take the guesswork out of reading your test strip.  In seconds, you will have an accurate digital reading for:

Free Chlorine/Bromine


Total Alkalinity


TruTest Test Strips

For use with the TruTest Digital Test Strip Reader.  50 strips per bottle.

SmartStep Jr.

This all weather step fits snugly against your Softub.  Includes a SmartDrawer to keep supplies handy.  Snap together assembly requires no tools.  Choose from four colors to match or compliment the Softub spa.

Spa Side Handrail

Rotates 360 degrees to allow for assisted spa entry or exit. Locking feature allows the handrail to be fixed in any position.  Unique under-spa base slides under the Softub.  Attractive charcoal gray finish.


Cover Rx

The only cover lift in the world designed for use on a Softub spa. The installation plate uses the weight of the spa's water to secure the lift in place.  Flip the cover back into the arms and lower it safely into place behind the spa and off the ground.  Requires 14" clearance.

Cover Shelf (wall mount)

The cover shelf attaches to any wall, fence or structure

behind the Softub spa.  The two support arms fold flat and out of the way.  Requires 36" of clearance behind the spa.


Cover Stand

Safely holds the Softub cover off the ground.  Requires no assembly.  Folds flat when not in use.


This confortable mitt has a non-abrasive pad that does not scratch the vinyl liner.  Can also be used for a variety of cleaning jobs.

Vinyl Repair Kit

Matches and repairs cuts or tears in the Softub exterior vinyl surface.



Water Wand

This hand held cartridge filter cleaner attaches to the garden hose and cleans 8 pleats at a time in one simple action.  There is no messy spray-back which decreases water waste.  Filter cleaning time is reduced more than 50%!

Spa Side Umbrella

This stylish umbrella rotates 360 degrees to provide coverage eside or over the spa.  The unique base design slides under the Softub spa to keep the umbrella securely in place, using the weight of the spa water.  Umbrella includes a tile feature. Available in three colors:

Creme, Navy or Rust