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Floating Spa Thermometers

Duck, Dolphin or Classic



Underwater Light Show

A floating disco ball for the spa.


Booster Seat

A versatile, water filled seat.  Acts as a booster or raises hips for aquatic leg exercise.

Blue, Black or Pearl


Leathertex Pillows

Exclusively designed Softub Pillos, available to match your Softub exterior color or choose a complimentary color for a unique look.


Replacement Lid Strap & Locks

Combination locks help prevent unauthorized access to the spa.

Model 140, Model 220 or Model 300.

Thermal Spa Blanket

Floating thermal blanket protects the underside of the spa lid from condensation and prevents evaporative heat loss.  7' x 7' size can be cut to fit any size Softub interior.

Paradise Spa Vac

The perfect vacuum to keep spa-side to remove grit and other debris that gathers in the bottom of the spa.



Scum Sponge

These fanciful floaters absorb 40 times their weight in oils and lotions to prevent scum rings at the water line.


Great Start Filter

Don't fill your spa with water containing metals and other deposits then add chemicals to make them go away. Prep your

water before it enters your spa and use less chemicals at start-up.



Covers the Softub filter to create an added layer of protection and increase filter life.

Blue, Black or Pearl


Screw-On Filter

Softub filters are critical to clean water.  Clean the filter once a month and replace it every 6 - 12 months.



Microban - Great Barrier #8553 and #8555

Microban antimicrobial protection inhibits the growth of bacteria that can cause staining, odors and degradation of the filter.

The unique continuous antimicrobial cleaning action makes the spa filter easier to clean, keeps it fresher between cleanings and ensures filter life. 


X-Stream Spinning Jet

Features a spinning "center eye" that creates a rotating

blast of water.  The X-Stream is fully directional so you control how broad or tight the pattern of water is by easily adjusting the direction of the eyeball.


Pulse-Stream Spinning Jet

Two streams of water can be more fun than one!  The Pulse-Stream jet spins to create a circular pattern of two dancing blasts of water.

Spazazz Crystals

Aromatherapy crystals in a variety of scents to increase the enjoyment of your spa experience.


Spazazz Rx Therapy Crystals

Let Spazazz make a house call while you relax, breathe and soak in vitamins.


Fragrance Assortment Packs

Sample packs that allow you to try a varient of scents.