Spa Treatment and Spa Enhancing Supplies...


Softcare Chlorinating Granules

A granular concentrated chlorinating sanitizer -

1 lb., 2 lb., or 5 lb.



Softcare Calcium Up

Increases calcium hardness.
16 oz.


Softcare Metal Gon

Metal and stain eliminator.
16 oz.



Softcare Defoam

Instant Foam eliminator.
16 oz.



Softcare pH Up

Raises the pH of water.

1 lb.


Softcare pH Down

Lowers the pH of water.

1.25 lb.


Softcare pH Hold

Adjusts pH of water-then locks it in for up to 4 months.

32 oz.


Softcare Water Clear

Water Clarifier and Brightener
16 oz.


Softcare Filter Renu

Use this filter cleaner monthly for clear water and longer filter life.
32 oz.

Softcare Deluxe Water Treatment Kit

This kit includes all the necessary Softcare products needed to properly care for your spa - Softcare Chlor, pH up, pH Down, Gon, Test strips, Spa Frog ™ and water treatment guide.


SPA FROG® Mineral Disinfectant

Enhances the effectiveness of Softcare's sanitizing system reducing the amount of chemical sanitizer needed.  Lasts for 4 months.


Spa Perfect for Vinyl Lined Spas

Spa Perfect breaks down organic contaminants to eliminate chemical odors, skin and eye irritants. Makes the water soft, silky and enchaces sanitizer effectiveness.

1 L

AquaChek® Chlorine

Tests for Free Chlorine, pH and Total Alkalinity.  Dip an AquaChek test strip in your spa water and get results in seconds.

50 Strips



Softub Cleaner and Conditioner

This monthly cleaning and conditioning treatment keeps vinyl soft, supple and restores UV blockers for protection from the elelments.

TEAR-AID Vinyl Repair Kit

The elastic patch that repairs holes and tears instantly - and won't pull off even when stretched. Clear patch mends any color of vinyl.



303 Aerospace Protectant is like "SPF 40 Sunscreen... for Your Stuff."

Pump Bottle - 8 oz.

Trigger Sprayer - 16 oz.

Sponge 4" x 7"


Swirl Away Plumbing Cleaner

Dissolves accumulated bath and body oils that build-up in plumbing lines and impair jet action.

16 oz.



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