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Softcare Chlorinating Granules

Granular concentrated chlorinating sanitizer - effective as a Softub® water disinfecting agent.

2 lb - Call for pricing.*
5 lb - Call for pricing.*


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Softcare Calcium Up

Increases calcium hardness, bringing the water hardness into the proper range - 16 oz.



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Softcare Metal Gon

Metal and stain eliminator - Metal Gon suspends and neutralizes mineral elements that can stain and corrode your Softub spa - 16 oz..



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Softcare Defoam

Instant foam eliminator - a specially formulated oil-free silicon which works immediately to suppress foam caused by soap, shampoo, cleanser and other residuals in spas and hot tubs - 16 oz.



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Softcare pH Up

Raises the pH and alkalinity of Softub® Water. Improperly balanced pH levels in a spa can lead to stains, scale, equipment corrosion, skin/eye irritation and coughing - 1 lb.



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Softcare pH Down

Decreases the pH and alkalinity of spa water - 1.25lb



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Softcare Water Clear

Restores clarity and refreshes dull water by combining unfilterable microscopic particles together into larger particles that can be efficiently removed by your spa's filtration system - 16 oz.



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Softcare Deluxe Water Treatment Kit

Includes all the necessary Softcare products needed to properly care for your spa - Softcare Chlor, pH Up, pH Down, Gon, Test Strips, Spa Frog and water treatment guide.

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SPA FROG® Mineral Disinfectant

Enhances the effectiveness of Softcare's sanitizing system, reducing the amount of chemical sanitizer needed. Lasts for 4 months.

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Spa Perfect

Breaks down organic, contaminants to eliminate chemical odors, skin and eye irritants. Makes the water soft, silky and enhances sanitizer effectiveness - 1 L.

1 L - Call for pricing.*
2 L - Call for pricing.*


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303 Protectant

Trigger sprayer - a premium surface treatment to protect against fading, discoloration and cracking from harmful UV rays - repels dust and stains, too - 16 oz and 32 oz.



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FROG @Ease Floating Sanitizing System

The system uses SmartChlor Technology with proven FROG mineral formula to kill bacteria for hot tubs up to 600 gallons. The SmartChlor Technology is a self-regulating chlorine that uses up to 75% less chlorine than ordinary systems for continuous crystal clear water and less odor.

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FROG @Ease Replacement SmartChlor Chlorine Cartridge - 3 Pack

*Up to 600 gallons
*Kills Bacteria 2 ways with minerals and SmartChlor
*Self-regulating for continuous crystal clear water

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Swirl Away

Dissolves accumulated bath and body oils that build up in plumbing lines and impair jet action - 16 oz.


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